Nova Windows

Replace Your Windows with Confidence


Say hello to the outdoors. Say goodbye to painting, drafts, and bugs.

Finally, the replacement windows your home deserves. Combining a heritage of American-made quality with leading-edge technology, vinyl replacement windows from Nova are beautiful, durable, easy to maintain and energy efficient. Your windows are the hardest working items in your home. Choosing to replace your windows with premium Nova vinyl replacement windows will give you and your family:

  • Protection from insects, extreme weather, wind, rain, snow, and ice
  • Increased resale value
  • Unmatched energy efficiency
  • Increased safety and comfort of your home

Available Styles


Double Hung

Nova double hung windows offer a classic look that’s perfect for any home. Double hung windows have operable upper and lower sashes that slide vertically and can be tilted inward for easy and convenient cleaning of the outside glass. No more ladders for window cleaning on the second story of your home! And Nova windows offer strength and security to protect against intrusion on ground-level windows.

Horizontal Slider

Nova horizontal slider windows are designed with elegance, grace, and functional ease. Let the sunshine in with these traditional, classic windows. And when you want to let the fresh air in, Nova sliding windows glide open smoothly to the left or right. Sliding windows open or close without extending out, so they are perfect for any type of room. Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air with an easy to use sliding window!

Casement & Awning

Casement and awning windows bring maximum light and ventilation to your home, and now they bring unparalleled beauty and energy efficiency as well. Enjoy a better view, more air when you want it and better protection from the elements…when the wind blows hardest, casement and awning windows seal even tighter. Open the windows completely and clean both panes of glass from the inside on most sizes.

Bow & Bay

Nova bow or bay window will transform your room, opening it up to allow more scenic beauty and sunlight into your home. More than a window, a Nova bow or bay window will become the focal point in any room, and from the outside, nothing adds more curb appeal than a beautiful bay or bow window. Create a look perfectly suited to your home with countless style combinations. Custom sizes and colors are always available.

Garden Windows

Nova garden windows make great accents to any room and help you truly enjoy the change of seasons. Capture the warmth of winter’s sunlight and invite summer’s refreshing breezes into your home. Acting as a little greenhouse in your home, a garden window is perfect for year-round displays of plants and flowers. With ample sun exposure from three sides, our garden windows will brighten up your space.

Picture Windows

Nova picture windows are energy efficient favorites that bring the beauty and natural light of the outdoors inside your home. Our picture window style is simple and elegant, designed to complement operating double hung or casement windows, as part of a bay/bow window, or as part of a design incorporating multiple window styles to fill a large opening. Bring the outdoors in with a better view, courtesy of a Nova picture window.